They Called Me Olivia Pope: 8 Things I Learned During My Year In White

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olivia pope white hat scandal

Scandal’s leading lady, character Olivia Pope, was markedly my fashion inspiration during 2013 – my Iyawo year. If I was going to wear nothing but white for 365 consecutive days, i’d do so as my mother has raised me – with class and style.

I spent all of 2013 wearing white clothes every day, all the way down to my underwear and socks. Everyday I adorned myself in white suits, quality shoes, lovely blouses, and a perfectly perched headwrap. My mother gifted me with a white Coach bag to match my corporate day-job. And no, I never once spilled red kool-aid down my shirt. Who ever said that a Iyawo can’t look good AND be humble & pious never met me.

Iyawo, a Nigerian Yoruba word for bride, is the title given to men and women going through the Ifa/Santeria/Candomble initiation rites to become a priest; or, in Yoruba, an Iyalosa or…

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